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February 10, 2016
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Matrix Blog – Open For Business

Welcome to the Matrix.

The Matrix Real Estate Investment Group.

“Real” Real Estate Investment Training.

NOT a “Million-Dollar” Real Estate Guru Company who comes from out of state and leaves the second you buy, but instead Local Mentors here to help you become a real estate investor.

We provide you the infrastructure for your own business without all the negatives; such as the high costs of renting an office, buying and maintaining printers, phones, and computer systems, and staff. Instead, once you’re a part of the Matrix, you receive them all as a part of your membership fee so you can enjoy their benefits without their risks and downsides.

Becoming a part of the Matrix will bring you into a community of investors who all have different knowledge to help you in any situation or case. Teaching you the systems they use every day that work. Training you on how to wholesale, fix and flip, and head hunt properties and owners.

And ultimately providing you the opportunity to make money. Make money with others of integrity who ensure they provide the best possible service and help people by purchasing homes, fixing them up, and selling them to improve the community.

And as with any major industry, Real Estate has its many thought leaders. And the Matrix Real Estate Investment Community is no different. Which is why The Matrix Real Estate Investor Community introduces, The Matrix Blog. A conglomeration of all the different expertise and mindsets of those of us who make up the Matrix.

With this blog, you will be given the weekly tools to own your business and expand your knowledge on

  • Wholesales – Buying property underpriced and selling it to investors
  • Probate – buying/selling property in Probate (administrating property after someone has become deceased).
  • Tax Liens – how to buy tax liens on overdue taxes on properties for interest payments or
  • Pre-Foreclosures – buying properties from distressed homeowners to avoid foreclosure
  • Bankruptcy – buying/selling properties from people who filed bankruptcy
  • Buy and Holds – buy properties and rent them for a monthly income
  • Financial Resources – get the money to fund your deals and Buyers to sell them too

And anything else, that we can pick from the brains of our many contributors.

Check back weekly to learn something new about real estate and its many nuances.